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iEHD Printing

Enjet has developed innovative solution for high resolution & super-fine Printing technology, based on the iElectrohydrodynamic (iEHD) fluid control. iEHD jet printing is a near field jet printing (patented) technology using electrostatic field. Compared with the conventional EHD jet printing technology, iEHD allows more stable and reliable liquid ejection and dispensing.


iEHD Coating

Based on the iElectrohydrodynamic (iEHD) fluid control, we have developed innovative solution for high resolution & super-uniform coating. Our nozzle can atomize fluid into nanometer to micrometer droplets spray, and therefore form uniform thin films. The Enjets coating solution has many benefits as follows.



Atmospheric pressure plasma can be used for surface treatment and etch applications in various industries such as glass, display, semiconductor, PCB, printing, coating, etc. Enjet has developed patented RF plasma head, based on precise fluidic control technology, which can allow plasma ignition even on 8 mm distance. The conventional RF plasma head can make ignition only within 2 mm distance. It is very important in real process because of irregular flatness of the samples.



Enjet particle-free ink can prevent clogging of the nozzle when printing fine patterns. It can be cured under low temperature. It is suitable for printed electronics.

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